Ayvalık is an Aegean town with wonderful beaches, architecture and olive groves.

The old houses in the town left from the Greek Period of the town will give you an impression how life was 100 years ago. 


Almost 1200 houses in the neo-classical style, churches and monasteries give the town a romantic flair of the past. Ayvalık used to have Greek Otonomy during the Ottoman Empire Times. The houses are a witness of the former times and give you an impression of the art craft of the Greeks. Most of the houses and churches are very well preserved.

The kitchen of Ayvalık is influenced by the Cretan Kitchen and many sea food dishes are served here in the local restaurants. 

Ayvalık is also very known as the olive area of Turkey. You will find here very tastly olives and olive oils, which are sold by local olive farmers. 

The underwater world of Ayvalık is very known by the red corals. The clear water gives great oppurtunities to underwater photographers. You will find many boats which go for daily boat trips passing the little bays around the 22 islands. 

On the half island Cunda you will find 752 different flowers which should be visited during spring time.

After the mytoloji, the devil passed here and left a foot print on the İda Mountain and one on the mountain in Ayvalık called " Şeytanın Sofrası", which means "Devils Table". 

During summer time you will be able to join many festivals and exhibitions. Many art work shops are located in the old town and you can watch the artists during their works. 

It is possible for you to reach day the Greek Island Lesvos by a daily ferry boat.

Enjoy a holiday full of sea, local food, history and art in our lovely town Ayvalık. We are looking forward to meet you here!